Here are eight signs that your used-car dealer is in over their head. A few days after I bought the car the vehicle started giving me problems.

It's a big thrill to have this thing out on the road.


So, you want to know if the dealer sold you a bad car, but you don’t quite know how to go about finding out. Lemon laws apply to new cars, not used cars. If you know how to sell a car that needs repairs, you can do it the same way: List your car.

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To start this process, you will have to contact your state’s consumer protection agency and file a complaint. I saw it when I worked at a Chevy dealership in high school (I was the kid that did the detailing in the summer). .

Once you’ve armed yourself with an understanding of the law, you can call the dealership to. Your Legal Options.



Feb 17, 2023 · The Consumer Rights Act 2015 gives you the right to ask for a full refund in the first 30 days after buying any product that proves to be faulty, including a new or used car. You may be wondering what exactly a dealership does with your car when the engine is bad.

We evaluate auto fraud cases for FREE!. May 17, 2023 · May | 24K views, 475 likes, 251 loves, 4.

You're entitled to ask for a repair or replacement.



So, you want to know if the dealer sold you a bad car, but you don’t quite know how to go about finding out. Finding a trustworthy mechanic and buying. Maybe 4K, I dunno.

Based on their in house review if the vehicle I did not have it reviewed by my mechanic. . . . . You may be out of luck if you don’t have a warranty.

I noticed that it was losing oil very quickly.

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Nov 25, 2012 · If the seller is a licensed Florida dealer, he would have been required to attach a used car disclosure form indicating either that the car is sold "as-is" or describing any limited warranty.

used car dealership sold me a car that had engine problems.

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If you are having engine problems shortly after purchasing a used car, you may want to sue the dealership for Auto Fraud.

If the seller knows that the goods are to be used for a particular purpose, there is also an implied warranty that the goods are fit for that purpose.