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These dances came from the mills, the mines and in the case of sword dances, from military training exercises.

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Subjects: Dance, Science. . Shulemin 6m Gym Dance Ribbon Stick Art Rhythmic Gymnastics Ballet Streamer Twirling.

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Ribbon Dance with friends ⭐ Great for kids 2 - 5 or beginners of any age! SUBSCRIBE to our channel and HELP US continue to bring this content to you (pret.

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Package include: 25 pcs gradient color ribbons for dance, each dance ribbon streamer with stick is packaged individually, and the colorful dance ribbons suitable for both indoor and outdoor play Size detail: length of the dance ribbon streamer is 78.
The Ribbon Stick is a great addition to your dance or gymnastics routine!.



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The purchase includes the large, quarter-page, and contact page printables you’ll have everything you need to get started making your own Dance Scarves patterns! You can also find a bundle purchase with all 5 sets of our printable cards (dance scarves, ribbon wands.

If you would like, decorate your dowel however you wish.